Fiber Business Plans

Fiber Business Plans

Fiber Internet is the latest generation in delivering high-speed broadband. Available in select areas, experience internet speeds like you’ve never before! Low latency, high speed plans perfect for a multitude of internet services. Inquire below to find out how we can bring fiber to your business and experience speeds like no other.

Bringing Your Business Our Best Speeds and Best Service

Our Fiber Internet plans give your company or business our highest speeds available via direct fiber-optic connection to our network. Built tough and ready for your business, our fiber internet plans are perfect for businesses looking to get an edge up on their internet speed.

Because of the type of connection needed for this service, availability is limited to certain areas at this time. Please look below for eligibility and service requests.

Check out our plans below and find out how we can help get you connected.

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Our Business Fiber Plans

100 Mbps

$ 99
  • Standard Level Plan
  • Suitable for heavy use
  • Perfect for gaming, streaming, and heavy network usage.
  • High Quality TV & Streaming
  • Data Intensive Capabilities for 5+ devices
Best Budget

200 Mbps

$ 124
  • Premium Level Plan
  • Suitable for heavier use
  • Perfect for gaming, streaming, and heavy network usage.
  • Ultra HD TV & Streaming
  • Data Intensive Capabilities for 8+ devices

400 Mbps

$ 184
  • Outstanding Level Plan
  • Suitable for substantial use
  • Perfect for high-end gaming, streaming and heavy network usage
  • 8K HD TV & Streaming
  • Data Intensive Capabilities for 10+ devices
Best Value

Equipment and Install Cost

Typical installation is $200 (plus tax), but may vary depending on installation type. Official quote will be given once details are discussed with office staff. Cost of installation is non-refundable.  Terms and conditions apply.


We now offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. This applies only to equipment up to and including the managed router for residential customers and up to and including the power injector for business customers. Other events such as lightning strikes, power surges, abuse of equipment, etc. are not manufacturer defects and are customer responsibilities.

Wireless router replacement cost is $100 plus tax. Other equipment cost is quoted on a per incident basis.

**All speeds are not guaranteed and are based on a best effort “up to”.