ITX Phone Service

ITX Phone Service

In The Stix now offers unlimited local and long distance phone service! Keep your number and enjoy the freedom of no contracts.

Please see below for pricing, services, and FAQs.

ITX Phone

ITX Phone

  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Keep your Phone Number
  • Voicemail Access
  • Current Subscriber Discount

Current ITX customers



Non-ITX customers


*price does not include taxes and fees

Broadband and Phone FAQS

ITX Phone costs $24.95 per month plus taxes and fees. If you are an existing ITX internet customer then you will receive a $5 discount on the service.

As an existing ITX customer, our phone service will work with all speed packages. As a non-ITX internet customer we recommend at least 3mb package and a router that prioritizes phone service traffic.

NO, our phone service will work with any broadband internet service.

NO, our phone (ATA) box can plug right into an existing phone jack/outlet in your house and it will provide dial tone to all phones in the house. It is a good idea to make sure your house wiring is disconnected from the phone company network in the customer side of the service box that was installed by your landline service provider.

Yes! In order to keep your current number you will need to fill out and submit a Letter Of Authorization and a copy of you current phone bill. They can either be faxed to 814-419-6300 or emailed to

After your number has been transferred to ITX Phone you should still contact your current provice to make sure your account has been closed.

The following features are included:


  • *60 – Block a Number (caller is prompted to enter the number and then confirm its addition)
  • *61 – Unblock a Number (caller is prompted to enter a number to unblock)
  • *62 – Block Number of the last incoming call
  • *67+number – Block Caller ID for the next call to specified destination
  • *69 – Call Return to last incoming caller ID
  • *72+number – Set and enable Call Forward (code followed immediately by number)
  • *72 – Call Forward Enable/On (prompts for number input)
  • *73 – Call Forward Disable/Off
  • *77 – Do-Not-Disturb Toggle On/Off
  • *78 – Do-Not-Disturb Enable/On
  • *79 – Do-Not-Disturb Disable/Off
  • *88 – Redial
  • *97 – Voicemail Access
  • *123 – Voicemail Access


  • Additionally we also offer voicemail transcription for an additional $2 per month per line.